House Keeping and Laundry Care

COLOR  :  Milky White  pH   :   7 - 8     USAGE  :  Pls refer to TDS     Odor   :  Present Perfume

Gloshine Laundry Detergent is fortified with enzymes and optical brighteners to quickly digest and wash away stubborn stains and soils, leaving the fabric clean and bright. Gloshine Laundry Detergent gives you the ability to wash at lower water temperatures and with fewer chemicals while showing an increase in stain removal, whiteness, and soil anti-redepositon.while remaining stable and durable.

COLOR  :  Milky White  pH   :   7 - 8    USAGE  :  Pls refer to TDS  Odor   :  Mild

When you consider that the average household washes about 23 Kg of clothes per week, you can appreciate the importance of a finding a workhouse laundry detergent that won’t break the bank. Lemondy Laundry Detergent is cost effective laundry detergent for you.

COLOR  :  Green     pH   :   8 - 9     DILUTE   :   Direct Use     Odor   :  Mild Perfume

Glassito 11 is a biobased glass cleaner product designed to clean mirrors and  glass surfaces. For use on window glass, panes and sills, mirrors, countertops, chrome, automobile glass, fluorescent lights and tubing, and any other glass or mirror finish. Glassito 11 removes tough soils such as grease, smoke, oils, tape residue, food stains, dust, and dirt.

COLOR  :  Milky White  pH   :   6.5 - 7.5     USAGE  :  Pls refer to TDS     Odor   :  Lemon

MOOPY No-rinse floor cleaner concentrate reduces time and labor cost of daily maintenance of high gloss floor finishes. Quickly and effortlessly removes dirt and other surface soils in heavily trafficked areas. Quick drying, Damp Mop leaves no residue or haze to dull floor finish. With a pleasant lemon fragrance, Damp Mop is also biodegradable and phosphate-freewhile remaining stable and durable.

COLOR  :  Green   :   6.5 - 7.5     USAGE  :  Directly     Odor   :  Apple

FOAMMIE-HW is a sanitizing handwash is an alcohol-free, triclosan-free, fragrance free foaming, anti-bacterial handwash designed for use in food processing and service areas. The FOAMMIE-HW is the economical choice for end-users.

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