Factory and Machinary

COLOR : Brown     pH : 14     DILUTE : 1 : 20     Odor : Mild 

Mizusol 777 is a super strength concentrate designed special for cleaning cargo container floorboard with high pressure cleaning equipment. Formulated to remove grease, and other hard to remove soils from cargo container floorboard.

COLOR : Light Yellow    pH : 6 - 7.5     DILUTE : Direct Use     Odor : Lemon 

Clean, crisp, powerful fragrance that is soft and refreshing, Odorleaf Lemon is a water-soluble air freshener formulated to eliminate unpleasant odors in the cargo container. 

COLOR : Blue     pH : 9.5 - 10.5     DILUTE : 1:20    Odor : Mild

Silkleen Bio 5  is a solvent-free metal and biodegradable washing compound that is a moderately foaming, water dilutable detergent complex formulated to safely remove heavy industrial soil. A safe alternative for chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents, high caustic and hazardous water-soluble parts, All Safe removes grease, oily carbon, carbon exhaust, and is very effective on all exterior surfaces especially ISO tank container.

COLOR : Light Yellow    pH : 8 - 9.5     DILUTE : 1:20    Odor : Mild

Silkleen Bio 10  is a  conbination of several biodegrable surfactant and biodegrable solvent. Silkleen Bio 10 contain no cautic, phosphate and bleaching agent. This product designed to simplify life on-board ships and vessels. These non toxic, high performance, plant-based cleaners and marine degreasers have greater cleaning power than traditional, toxic cleaning chemicals.

COLOR : Dark brown   pH : 11.5 - 12.5     DILUTE : Direct Use       Odor : Mild

Cleaning tanks with residual latex or resins is a challenging and labour intensive activity. These products require more than juts a higher pressure or temperature, without a special chemical the latex and resin tank residual will take long hours to rinse. Pamutol LE is a high concentrate designed for cleaning latex emulsions and reduce downtime cleaning compared to traditional way. Pamutol LE need to combine with a high pressure and temperature recirculation tank to give a optimum result.

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