Chemixus Sdn Bhd are established in 2005, Chemixus is an innovative, industry growing chemical technology specialist serving industrial process markets and green environment. Entering the era of global market change, we emphasize of cost-effective solutions and focus on new market opportunity that offer business services for OEM product market to meet particular industrial requirement. 
We do custom blending, compounding, and formulating services in any range of specialty chemicals and various products that incorporates water treatment chemical, high performance industrial cleaning chemicals, janitorial, sanitary and household cleaning chemicals. The liquid blending tanks and dry blending equipment for small and large batches are available in different packaging options such as bags, totes, drums, and tanks .

What We Do

Chemixus Sdn Bhd has the capability & capacity to manufacture a whole range of chemicals for industrial, domestic & specialized application. Besides manufacturing our own range of products, we also offer services of contract manufacturing for your products. Our highly experienced team can either help your formulate an entire range of products or adopt your formulations and produce them in high quality and confidentiality standards. 

We have long-standing relationships with reputable global chemical Manufacturers allowing us to sustain consistency and to offer competitive alternative sources of quality products to our customers and new market. These relationships and our global presence make us an expert in creating innovative solution and  advance opportunities.

We provide customized industrial and commercial use chemicals, distributed to large scale industrial and institutional in worldwide. We specialize in cost effective solution offering extensive range of economical, light duty and biodegradable cleaning products.

We build customer relationships around proven delivery – we supply the products that you want, and make sure you get them when you need them. We focus on industries that we know, and we deliver.  If you need a trusted supplier of industrial commodity and speciality chemicals then talk to us.

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